In this ongoing group of works I develop shapes that unfold from the center on the basis of an underlying pattern. There are many examples of such creative processes, such as Mandalas or Kolams, widely spread in Tamil Nadu, South India. Kolams are drawings made of colored flour that are strewn by hand in front of  doorsteps or entrances. They are supposed to give prosperity and are created daily anew by women with great skill, usually before sunrise. At this time, according to ancient belief, the gods visit the earth.

Seeds, Oil on Paper, 132x104cm, 2022
Seed, Oil on Cotton, 160x100cm, 2022
Seed, Oil on Wool, 210x170cm, 2022
Seed, Oil on Canvas, 180x140cm, 2022
Seeds, Oil on Canvas, 2x 160x130cm, 2022
Seed, Oil on Canvas, 160x130cm, 2022
Seed, Oil on Canvas, 160x130cm, 2022