What is it about these repetitive shapes? The first time I consciously came into contact with ornamental patterns and arabesques was during a study visit to Jerusalem, Middle East. After that, there was a period when, for some inexplicable reason, I could only do horizontal and vertical brushstrokes. I was blocked. At that time I began to make simple sketches which I occasionally expanded to patterns that covered the entire picture carrier. The idea behind this group of works is ancient, a small section is shown of something that exceeds the painting frame on all sides by far. Windows into infinity...
Pattern, Oil on Cotton, 180x160cm, 2023
Pattern, Oil on Cotton, 170x170cm, 2023
Pattern, o.T., Oil on MDF Panels, 4x 90x43cm, 2020
Lets have a House Party, Oil on Wood, 131,5x101cm / Oil on Canvas, 2x 50x70cm, 2020
Painted Fens, Oil on Wood, 153x94x7,5cm, 2020

o.T. Oil on Wood, 98x103,3cm, 2019
o.T. Oil on Wood, 15x 94,4x5,4cm, 2019
o.T. Oil on MDF Panels, 6x 71,5x44,6cm, 2019
Geigenkofferkäfer, Tempera and Oil on Canvas, 140x140cm, 2018
o.T. Tempera and Oil on Canvas, 140x140cm, 2018
o.T. Tempera and Oil on Canvas, 110x80cm, 2018

o.T. Tempera on Paper, 40x40cm, 2018

o.T. Foam on Mirror, 114x42cm, 2018
Pattern, Oil on Cotton, 160x200cm, 2022
Pattern, Oil on Cotton, 160x200cm, 2022
Pattern, Tempera on Canvas, 70x90cm, 2028

"Hi!" Tempera and Oil on Canvas, 140x100cm, 2016

Children's Room Wallpaper

Sometimes there is an idea I just have to realize regardless of the outcome. After finishing one of the following works I showed it to a fiend of mine, an art historian. His comment was bemused, ... it would make a good wallpaper in a children's room! That was encouraging! I had to continue…
"Hi", Tempera and Oil on Canvas, 180x150cm, 2017
"Hey there :-)", Tempera on Canvas, 2x 80x60cm, 2017
"Hi!", Tempera on Canvas, 3x 50x50cm, 2016
"Hey there :-)", Tempera on Canvas, 2x160x100cm, 2016
"Whats up!", Tempera on Canvas, 170x170cm, 2016
"Hi!", Tempera on Canvas, 180x110cm, 2016

Works on Paper