The underlying influences the surface... In my work I am often concerned with the tangibility of color as a material and the palpable physical presence of the paint. I was always fascinated by the works of the abstract expressionists. The generosity in the use of colors impresses me time and again. So when I started of at art school I did my own little experimenting with different painting surfaces such as wood, paper, MDF boards and various fabrics and their effect on the applied paint. Also part of this investigation was the choice of binders for pigments and the appearance of the amount of layers of paint.

Intensity of Color

Oil on Canvas on Dispersion, 2x 100x100cm, 2011

Pyramid Yellow

Oil on Paper on wooden Frame, 4x 81x55,5cm, 2011

Lemon Yellow and Orange Ocher

Oil on Canvas on MDF Panels, 3x 33,5x34,3cm, 2010

Color on Lamp Black

Oil on Cardboard, 4x 50,5x50,5cm, 2010

Ultramarin on Color

Oil on Paper, 3x 48,5x48,5cm, 2009

Three types of fabrics

Bone Glue on Canvas, 3x 44x27,5, 2010


Orange Ocher on Canvas, 2010