an audio-visual Installation, 2013

for Rainer*


"Places have characteristic features due to their occurrence, but only through presence can atmosphere be perceived. 

The way of being present shapes them too."


I created this work for the final exhibition of my Bachelor degree. Empirical video and sound recordings of an empty apartment form the starting material for this audio-visual composition. The intuitive placement of the film sequences creates a portrait of a place. The audio level is based associatively on the cut of the image and thus opens up emotional spaces. The theoretical foundation for this work is an essay of mine about our experience of space and inhabiting places.


"Thus the dwelling becomes an expression of the person who inhabits it, a space that has become a piece of that person himself. That is why it can only be homely to the same extent as the person in question knows how to live in it."

Otto Friedrich Bollnow


Thanks to:

Franziska Lingg and Alessandro Petriello for technical support

*Rainers former flat



one cannel projection, beamer, 2 stereo-speaker, 1 subwoofer, 10.21min, 2013