Hey I'm Martin Bütler


Trained in fine craftsmanship, and still working as a dental technician, I was always drawn into the creative field, whether in dancing,  music or in drawing and painting. In 2013, after a preliminary course, I completed a bachelor's degree in fine arts at the Lucerne Hochschule für Design & Kunst. After excursions in the field of sound and film, I now focus on my original passion of painting. A large part of my inspiration in the newer works I borrow from traditional patterns and ornaments from all over the world. 

A study exchange in Jerusalem, Middle East at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2012, where I came into contact with arabesques and frequent stays in South India have certainly influenced me. In that sense most of my works have a decorative touch. My focus of interest is very much a playful curiosity about the coming together of colours and shapes in their endless ways.

I live and work surrounded by mountains and lakes in the beautiful City of Lucerne. 



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Lucerne, Switzerland



All my works can be purchased!

In certain cases I also do rentals. If you are interested in acquiring or have any questions regarding my work, don't hesitate and send me an email! We also can arrange for a studio visit.


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