Intensity of Colour

Oil on Canvas on Dispersion, 2x 100x100cm, 2011

Pyramid Yellow

Oil on Paper on wooden Frame, 4x 81x55,5cm, 2011

Lemon Yellow and Orange Ocher

Oil on Canvas on MDF Panels, 3x 33,5x34,3cm, 2010

Colour on Lamp Black

Oil on Cardboard, 4x 50,5x50,5cm, 2010

Ultramarin on Colour

Oel auf Papier, 3x 48,5x48,5cm, 2009

Three types of Canvas

Bone Glue on Canvas, 3x 44x27,5, 2010


Orange Ocher on Canvas, 2010

Titanium and Zinc

Oil on Canvas, 4x 44,5x28cm, 2010